Al-amin's Story


“If I died today, what legacy would I leave for my daughters?” That is the question that would change how Al-amin Muhammad, formerly Joel Buissereth, lived his life. Al-amin Muhammad's story is one of struggle and mistakes, and also one of overcoming adversity and success. He faced struggles with his family at a young age, which set him down a dark and treacherous path. It was down this path that he faced atrocities such as witnessing numerous murders and being shot himself. Eventually, this life led Al-amin to spend a lot of time going in and out of prison and being homeless. His life was going nowhere, and it seemed like there was no way out. Change was necessary, and it was coming.


This is a story of how a man set down the wrong path at a young age went from being a convicted felon and a gang member to being one of the most celebrated local heroes in Syracuse, NY. Learn about the man who took a stand against homelessness and the path he took in order to create We Rise Above the Streets.